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Wanted - 3 Layer Fabric Mask with Polypropelyne Filter

Wanted - 3 Layer Fabric Mask with Polypropelyne Filter

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(1) 3 layer fabric face mask. Outside layers are 100% cotton, inside layer is non-woven polypropylene fabric. All masks feature nosewire that runs along the top of the mask and elastic ties that attach behind the ears. The elastics have rubber adjusters for a comfortable fit.

*** If you prefer the mask to attach around the head, please leave a note at checkout, no extra charge - this is a good option for those who need to wear masks for extended periods of time (e.g.: high school students)***


SMALL - Fits most children up to age 12, adults with small faces.
MEDIUM - Fits majority of adults.
LARGE - Adults who need larger masks, adults with beards.
Machine washable (a mesh garment bag is strongly recommended). Hang dry or use dryer on low heat. Iron on medium-high, avoid high-heat as polypropylene may melt or warp. Do not iron elastic ties or rubber adjusters.
Please note: the wire will bunch up in the machine washing but you can straighten it out afterwards.

Made with 100% new cotton fabric and non woven polypropylene fabric.


Made in Montreal. Shipping by Canada Post in Canada only.

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